Some organizations perform significantly better than others, overcome difficulties more easily and adapt more fluently to change. What phenomenon explains these exceptional journeys? Collective intelligence, which results from sustained involvement of all members within the organization.

The implication is the trigger point in a person’s relationship with the organization: when « I » becomes « we. » Hence, when a critical mass of people decide to get involved and interact, we then witness the birth of a community that acquires its own intelligence.

Employee involvement is a strategic asset in a world where collaborative work is undoubtedly a necessity – a fortiori with new generations. A world of increasing complexity, where pressure on performance and accelerated pace of business is law.

Running your business strategy can become as captivating as a game!

« Serious games » are gaining popularity in organizations. They transform the ordinary into extraordinary. Educational and captivating, they give life to the most abstract of concepts. Virtual, they are always accessible and constantly updated.
Triplexia is a response to the execution strategy deficits within corporate organizations: 70 to 90% of said strategies are never executed due to a lack of sustained involvement on the behalfs of both executives and employees. Triplexia transforms the execution of your strategy into a serious game, where your teams compete in prowess, through a spirit of comradeship and competition.
Triplexia takes place in real time and allows both you and your personnel to follow progress and results – until complete realization of the strategy complete strategy accomplishment. Designed, Triplexia is both serious enough and user-friendly in order to please all generations!

We can support your strategy within the Triplexia universe.

Coefficience, an IQ business*

We are a consulting group in management and organizational communication.

For us, management and communication are nested within one another in order to form a whole. For 30 years now, we have been pursuing the ideal of Better Communication for Better Management.

We help our clients execute their business strategy and ensure growth by improving their IQ*.

IQ* is the involvement level of members within the organization. The higher such is, the more the organization protects itself against the harmful effects of hierarchical strata, organizational silos and individual solos.

We favor innovative solutions such as gamification, triplex communication and open strategy approaches.

A smart community feeds on both the quality and quantity of interactions among its members. This is how such a society quickly understands their environment, adapts and succeeds.


What is the IQ *of your Organization?

A direct link can be established between the level of team members involvement or an organization) and the degree of involvement in the communication process.

It is known that unidirectional or simplex communication, coupled with the classic Command and Control style, causes little involvement.

The duplex communication generates greater participation – usually in the form of an invitation to react, which remains reductive. In the triplex model, peer dynamics are added in order to galvanize the level of involvement.

What is it about?

Our diagnostic tool was developed by a team of specialists in communication, management, industrial psychology, human resources and organizational development. It is based on the three roles of the communications manager.

We start from the premise that every manager possesses a wealth of skills – it is very likely that such is what permitted them to access a management position. We do not try to measure the respondent’s skills, but rather the use that they make of them.


The Triplex Manager

Communication is the Octane of your Leadership!

Communication overdrives your management skills. It is through communicating that one transforms their intentions into realizations. For this reason, the way one communicates is fundamental. Do you best associate with simplex, duplex or triplex communication? Is your management ordinary, super or ultra? If you are aiming for a superior performance, triplex communication is definitely your ally!

The Three Triplex Manager Roles

To mobilize the intelligence of your team, one must master three fundamental roles in communication: the role of Broadcaster in order to nourish the sense of orientation, the role of Pollster to create the sense of appropriation and the role of Mesh Generator in order to stimulate the sense of collegiality. When one assumes these roles all together, they exercise real leadership with any team

A Turning Point in your Career

From this training, one will derive a rich and satisfying communication method – which will serve in plenty of life’s situations. Instead of taking all the communicational burden upon your own shoulders, one will learn to involve their team in a rewarding, stimulating and engaging communication process.

Our Team

Coefficience is led by a team of seasoned professionals.

They share a common passion for innovative management and communication approaches.

Yves Chapleau

Founder of Coefficience, he has led numerous organizational communication projects on behalf of prestigious companies, combining innovation and professional rigor. Since 2012, he has been teaching organizational communication at the Université de Montréal.

Djamel Ighil

With a specialist background in management, he has developed a proficiency profile in the strategic exploitation of new technologies. Such brings pragmatism and creativity into the management of collaborative projects.

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